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Photo restoration and retouching average prices listed below are based on a $30/hour fee. Prices will depend on the size of the image and complexity of the problems. Contact me for a free estimate.

Time is billed in half-hour increments. Larger photos generally take more time than small photos. Minimum price for restorative services with one 5x7 print is $35.

Other services and prices are also listed below.

General Retouching/Enhancement: $35 - 45

  • Reduce facial shine
  • Repair red eye (or pet green eye)
  • Smoothe skin and remove minor blemishes
  • Reduce glare
  • Whiten teeth
  • Color, contrast and tone corrections
  • Sharpening
  • Convert color to black and white or sepia-tone
  • Remove graininess
  • Date/time stamp removal

Detailed Retouching: $35 - 60

  • Facial Retouching (Aging and other issues)
  • Major color correction/modification
  • Glamour retouching
  • Compositing a person or object into a photo
  • Removing a person or object from a photo

Simple Restoration: $30 - 45

  • Restore faded or yellowed photos
  • Repair light damage and spots
  • Minor color correction
  • Small areas of damage or color shifting

Complex Restoration: $45 - 60

In addition to the above:

  • Minor facial characteristics missing
  • Heavy scratching or tears
  • Small areas of photo significantly damaged or missing
  • Moderate mold damage or spotting

Special Effects:

  • Soft Focus Effect $10
  • Special Frames/edges $15.00
  • Photo hand-tinting and/or artistic painting $30 up

Print Prices :

4x6 $4
5x7 $5
8x10 $8
11x14 $27

Digital Imaging Services:

Scan and print an image w/o corrections $10.00
Scan and print an image with basic corrections $20.00
Photo(s) on 1 DVD $7.00

Custom Slide Shows (with music)

A big hit at wedding parties, birthdays,
anniversaries, and reunions!

$30.00 per hour. ($100 minimum) Includes these services:

  • Scanning printed photos and preparing digital photos
  • Minor enhancing/improving included photos
  • Custom Title and ending slides
  • Slideshow with motion effects, transitions, and music of your choice
  • Example of a slideshow video that can be burned to DVD, posted on the web, or played on a computer in High Definition (1080p)

Other services:

Custom Photoshop work and desktop publishing are billed at $35/hour

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